bride in minidress jumping out of london black taxi in the rain

Do you want gorgeous wedding photos, that don't look like 'wedding photos'?

Want to see those memories of your loved ones having a blast on analogue film?

You've come to the right place.

I adore what I do and I know how to do it, leaving you free to show up and actually EXPERIENCE your day (whether that's in vintage Oscar de la Renta or assless chaps).

I won't pose you, ever.

And just like Aerosmith, I won't miss a thing.

The photos are INCREDIBLE.

They capture the day in the most beautiful way. We couldn't be happier.

If you want a photographer to candidly capture the love, joy and fun on your wedding day - Kate's the one.

From our first chat we knew we wanted Kate to shoot our wedding. She's absolutely incredible and the photos of the day (and night!) are more than we could have asked for.

Thank you so so much Kate, you're an absolute rockstar!



About your wildest dreams, UFO theories and exactly how you want your day to look.

If you're just after an info guide at this stage, fill out the form and I'll pop you one over.

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