35mm back garden wedding

35mm Back Garden Wedding

This 35mm back garden wedding had everything that makes me excited as a film photographer. I had 22 rolls of film, and goodness I was so happy to use it all!

My bride Aggie chose to get married in her childhood home. Not only did this make a very relaxed wedding party, but the house was absolutely stunning. The architect studied underneath Eichler, and the whole house and garden had a really nice flow to the design.

When I arrived at the house it was a hive of activity. Hive being the operative word, I was stung by a wasp somehow getting petrol on the way there! There was plenty of time to run around the house photographing the absolutely stunning flowers, and the setup before the guests arrived.

Aggie and Xavier chose to do a first touch instead of a first look, which I have never seen before and I thought was a really cool idea. They stood on either side of a door, had a little chat and held hands to calm the nerves. Then it was go time! A short but incredibly sweet ceremony, and then we all partied the night away thanks to the absolutely incredible Flashpants band. It was glow sticks, laser beams and bubbles all night and I don’t know how I kept upright laughing so hard. Some people were not too happy about the party, that is indeed the police arriving in the last photograph!

Film Wedding Photographer

As always, I’m so grateful to my couples for trusting in the ‘non wedding, wedding photos’ process. Part of that magic is capturing the day on analogue film, for a bit of instant nostalgia and a bit of anarchy. I used a variety of 35mm and medium format cameras, and for this wedding I took uncle Alan’s Polaroid SX-70 land camera I inherited.

Film used:

Kodak Portra 800 | Kodak Portra 400 | Kodak TMax 400 | Ilford HP5 400 | Polaroid SX-70

Back Garden Wedding Vendor Love

Planners: Reva Event | Drinks: Salud Vintage Mobile Bar | Beauty: Emilia Werynska | Cake: Simply Sweet Cakery | Crepes: La Paris Creperie | Catering: UBabci | Entertainment: Flashpants Band | Flowers: Margaret Kowalska | Officiant: Great Officiants

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From 2023 I’m opening my books for London. Yes folks, I’m coming home! If you’re not into traditional wedding photos, and you’re getting married in London, the UK, Europe, and beyond, I’d love to talk to you.

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35mm back garden wedding
emotional wedding guests 35mm
35mm back garden wedding
35mm back garden wedding rave
35mm back garden wedding police

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