35mm desert wedding

miranda & andrew, june 2022.
aka the one where we all melted.

Desert wedding on 35mm film

It’s a good job I had planned to photograph the whole day on 35mm film. The temperature hit 118f and my digital cameras stopped working. Welcome to a desert wedding!

Miranda and Andrew very much wanted to do the day their way. They made all the centerpieces, the flowers and the decorations. Andrew’s band was even the entertainment, and I enjoyed a little dance to a great Cure cover.

We did have to move the ceremony time by two hours, as it was so hot the guests were melting. With a summer wedding in Joshua Tree, this is normal. The desert is a beautiful but unforgiving mistress! This Brit grew up in a cold, rainy country and I had to spend an hour sitting in a tub of cold water with the dogs. Oh, the dogs.

My heart was taken by Claude. Named after Claude Monet, he was the perfect ring bearer and most well-behaved gentleman. He spent time with the guests and as my couple exchanged vows, he was there to witness every moment.

The venue, an open air art installation, had everything a photographer could ask for. Rocket? Check. Giant metal horse? Check. Disco balls and creepy dolls? Check and check. A bride on a motorbike and a drummer who most definitely wasn’t naked.

Thanks for having me Miranda & Andrew! For this 35mm desert wedding I used Kodak colour film, and Ilford for black and white. I’m sure you’ll agree, the desert looks magical on film.




wedding guest ironing outfit
dog at wedding in a party hat
dog with rainbow bag
35mm wedding photo
35mm wedding photo
35mm desert wedding
35mm wedding photo
35mm wedding photo
35mm wedding photo
35mm wedding photo
35mm wedding photo



everything looks better on analog



This looks like it was such a fun day to be a part of! I love all the little details they included and it looks like they had such a great time. You captured it beautifully!

Love how personalized annd unique to them their wedding day was. SO many fun details!


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