35mm film wedding photography

35mm film wedding photography and medium format film.

From the couple


You made our wedding look like a movie 😭😭. We love them so much, I owe you my heart and my soul and my life.


Wedding photography on film

Emi first got in touch with me when I was still in California. An American, she’d met Pete on Twitter and they fell in love. A couple of years long distance, which I know is not easy, and our American girl made it to England! We bonded immediately over our shared love for The 1975, and I knew tears would fall based on their song choices!

I was right, of course. Emi looked stunning as her dads walked her down the aisle to ‘About You’, from their latest album ‘Being Funny in a Foreign Language’. Many tears for everyone during the emotion-filled vows, including myself. Luckily I had the camera to hide behind! The happy couple walked back to ‘Me and You Together Song’, which was perfect for them.

The Patron Saint of Cats

Dragon Hall is a Grade-1 listed medieval merchant’s trading hall from the 1400s. Absolutely blows my mind the architecture of some of these venues! Its a lovely venue, but the real charm is the church opposite. The earliest surviving English language works written by a woman were by Julian of Norwich, who lived in seclusion at the church. It is believed that she developed a close relationship with her cat. It is said that Julian and her cat anchored the Light during one of the darkest periods of history. She is now known as the patron saint of cats. For Emi and Pete, and their love of their furry felines, this was meant to be.

Film Wedding Photography – 35mm and medium format

As always, I’m so grateful to my couples for trusting in the ‘non wedding, wedding photographer’ process. Part of that magic is capturing the day on analogue film, for a bit of instant nostalgia and a bit of anarchy. I used a variety of 35mm and medium format cameras, but my personal favourites are from the Nikon L35AF 35mm.

Film used:

Kodak Portra 800 | Kodak Portra 400 | Kodak Gold 200 | Ilford HP5 400

The 1975

A few weeks after the wedding I was at The 1975 concert in Finsbury Park. I don’t like to take photos or videos at gigs, unless I’m working. Nothing worse than a sea of phones! The one video I did take turned out to be very special. I got home, watched my video. Upon pausing it, I zoomed in and there were Emi and Pete! In a crowd of 50,000, and only one video, its incredible my lovely couple were there.

London Wedding Photographer

From 2023 I’m opening my books for London. Yes folks, I’m back home! If you’re not into traditional wedding photos, and you’re getting married in London, the UK, Europe, and beyond, I’d love to talk to you. You can find out more HERE


wedding dress photographed on medium format film
wedding guest blowing a streamer on medium format film
35mm film wedding photography
bride and groom hugging on black and white film
35mm film wedding photography
medium format film wedding photo
medium format film wedding portrait
black and white film wedding photo
35mm film wedding photo of bride and groom with cake
grandchildren running round grandad

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RECENT elopements; FILM

recent weddings; film

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