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September 6th, 2019

50th Anniversary Vow Renewal | Mum & Dad

Not many photographers can say they’ve photographed their parents’ 50th anniversary vow renewal! I flew back to England for my parents’ golden wedding anniversary in September. Incredibly exciting – my brother flew in from Thailand as well so the whole family would be together for the first time in three years.

After a fantastic cup of tea I had a nose round the garden with my brother Matt. My parents have a brilliant back garden, so green and full of wildlife. It was also sunny, which was very surprising to me because when I visit it is usually cold!

An even bigger surprise was discovering my parents still had their wedding album from fifty years ago! The first thing that struck me was how young they looked! Bearing in mind they were 19 and 21 when they got married, it was incredibly eerie and felt as if I was looking at photos of Matt & I!

It just goes to show that wedding photography really is a good investment. Yes it is a luxury product, and no it is not cheap. However, wedding photos truly last a lifetime. Mum & Dad clearly spent the extra money on their wedding album, and I’m so happy they did. We all had such fun passing it round and it truly is a lasting memory.

My mum is a budding florist (one of her many hobbies) and made the floral arrangements. Many of the flowers came from the garden and their allotment. I was so impressed with her skills!

The morning of the anniversary mum took me to get our hair done. Unfortunately I had a jet-lagged nap and mine all fell flat. No change there then! She looked lovely of course, and yes that is her natural hair 🙂

Ulf and Nadine, their German friends, did a sneaky surprise. They made hundreds of yellow paper roses, and dad decorated the front of the house before mum woke up the morning of their anniversary.

The Vow Renewal

The 50th anniversary vow renewal and blessing of the rings was being held at the local church, somewhere I hadn’t stepped foot in since a school trip aged twelve. One wall is covered in stained glass and the sun streaming through created some really pretty light.

Matt & I walked our parents down the aisle and we sang a few hymns. They held hands the entire time throughout the ceremony and the way they still look at each other just makes my heart melt. The vicar was fantastic too. She would tell them what they would have done and said 50 years ago, which was probably great for my dad because I know he was incredibly hungover on the wedding day!

They walked back down the aisle as the organist played ‘A Whiter Shade of Pale’ – the song they had at their wedding. Do you think any of us could hold the tears in? It was so romantic. None of us still have any idea what the lyrics mean, but it was bloody amazing nonetheless.

After some champagne and a little speech from dad we headed to the Labworth. Interestingly, it was designed by the same chap who designed the Sydney Opera House. How lovely for my parents to be surrounded by their family and also friends they have had for over fifty years. It is a nice treat for Matt & I as well, seeing people we’ve not seen in over ten years.

I will say how impressed I was with Matt’s ability to stay up and drink alcohol after having just flew in from Thailand. I was dozing off over the table and not even drinking! My excuse is that jet lag is worse from West to East and I’m sticking with that!

It was an absolutely wonderful day (and trip) that all went far too fast. Now time to make another album for them and plan their visit next year.

I’ll leave you with the secret of fifty happy years according to my folks.

Mum: Communication is everything
Dad: Ignore the pile of shoes by the front door

Vendor List

Photographer: Kate Hampson | Florals: Sue Hampson | | Reception venue: Labworth Cafe | Sue’s dress: I’m going to guess Coast | Photographer’s amazing gold shoes: Modcloth


Wow fifty years is such an accomplishment and such a goal! These are so stunning and really show how they are clearly still in love!

Oh wow, I love that you were able to photography your parent’s 50th vow renewal. SO special 🙂

How fun and special for you and them! That is really cool and you really captured their love beautifully. Congrats to them!

oh my gosh i love this so much! Congrats to them!!

How sweet that you were able to celebrate and photograph your parents 50th anniversary and vow renewal. Such special memories!

What a special vow renewal!

Cannot even say how much I LOVE everything about this. Every frame is so beautiful. Now I want to show all my couples this when I tell them why investing in a wedding album is so important and worth it!

That is sooooo cute!!!! love love love..





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