The inside scoop

    Who is this Kate Bunny character anyway?

    I'm Kate and I love weddings. There. I've said it. One of my earliest memories is the day Princess Diana married Charles. I walked up and down my road, wearing a net curtain and waving at everyone. I genuinely believed they thought I was her when they waved back.

    London born and bred, I now call California home but have photographed weddings as close as City Hall and as far as Italy. I use a combination of two digitals and one film camera, and my style is very photojournalistic. Though you’ll hardly notice me when it counts, I will be front and centre for the most special day of your life. I will no doubt shed a tear or two.

    I keep my images filled with raw emotions and unstaged moments. I get inspired by light, colours, and every detail that makes your history yours. The aim is for you to look at your photos and immediately remember the day and feelings.

    Here's a few things about me:

    1. I spend my free time surfing, or shooting for an NGO close to my heart. Check out Soccer Without Borders -

    2. I'm vegan, but the smell of frying bacon just kills me

    3. Sometimes I forget I have an accent until reminded

    4. I love meeting new people and traveling to new places

    If you're interested in having a great wedding day with only minimal awkwardness in front of a camera, I'd love to work with you. Email me:


    I'm not comfortable having my photo taken, will it be a nightmare?
    In one word, no.
    The longer answer:
    Most of us are not models who are used to having a stranger poke a camera in our face at all times. With this in mind, I generally float around with a very long lens, unnoticed, until you (surprisingly) quickly forget I'm there. This results in you relaxing without feeling the pressure to 'perform' for the camera.

    The results are natural and raw photos full of emotion and feeling, not poses. Of course, as the evening goes on there will no doubt be lots of cheesy smiles to the camera. You've just married your soulmate - how can you not be grinning all day?
    I've never hired a wedding photographer before! What happens next?
    I like to meet up with all my couples, so we can get to know each other a little. The last thing you want on a day so special to you is a perfect stranger taking photos of you getting your hair done!

    We then create a mood board or Pinterest board together, so we are on the same page style-wise. I'll give you a call to check in before your wedding, and then you just leave it all to me. You're in good hands.
    Is it ok if we have our son/daughter/dog/ferret/car in the engagement photos?
    Its your day, your session, your wedding. If there is something special to you that you want in the photograph, go right ahead.

    I've had brothers, children, parents in engagement photos. I've even shot a couple taking a surf lesson together for theirs! Anything goes, as far as I'm concerned.
    What's your particular style?
    Very much photojournalistic. I studied photojournalism, and am so interested in people I could watch them all day. I love capturing emotions, reactions and all the feels. I also make sure we take time for the 'official' wedding portraits - you know, the ones your grandma will want on her mantlepiece.
    How long have you been shooting?
    I started taking photos professionally in 2001, for an extreme sports company in New Zealand. There were also a few weddings, and NZ's South Island was the most beautiful backdrop for wedding photos.

    Since moving to the States in 2014 I have been focusing on engagements and weddings while still dabbling a bit in graphic design. In 2017 I photographed my first destination wedding, and I'm so looking forward to more!
    What's in your camera bag?
    Bodies: Two Canon Mark IIIs
    Lenses: Canon 50mm 1.4; 24-70mm 4.0; 70-200m 1.8; 35mm 1.4 mm
    Lights: Two Canon Speedlites with wireless triggers

    35mm Pentax KX Asahi I've had since I was 18.
    Medium Format Bronica SQ-A

    Batteries, memory cards, safety pins, needle and thread, bluetooth speaker, many Haribo.
    My great uncle likes to take photos and will probably want to chat about your camera etc. Is that ok???
    Of course! I love to talk photos. Preferably at a moment I'm taking a quick break and don't have a camera to my face though ;)
    Is your name really Bunny??
    Yup. Middle name, long story :)
    Do you give lessons?
    I just started this year. I can offer one on one lessons or a group rate, and cover pretty much anything photo related! My most popular subjects are how to use off-camera flash, composition and exposure.
    Do you have insurance etc?
    Yes. I have full liability insurance up to $1m.