Disneyland Engagement Photo Session

Dani & CJ

February 2020

Disneyland Engagement Photos

Dani & CJ chose to have their engagement photos taken at Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure, and I can’t think of a better place for them!

When it comes to engagement and portrait sessions I always ask my couples to think of somewhere that is really ‘them’. I’ve had shoots in kitchens, the ocean, up a mountain and even in the bedroom as things got steamy! Dani asked me how I’d feel about shooting their engagement session at Disneyland. How could I say anything but bring on the mouse ears!?

Side note – I have a slight problem with Disney and their desire to make me cry in the first minute of every movie. My poor parents were asked to remove me from the cinema when we saw Dumbo because I was upsetting all the other children with my sobbing. This wasn’t recent, by the way! I did warn Sam in advance of the new Lion King but he still looked on in amazement as I cried before ANY dialogue was even spoken.


I digress. Back to Dani & CJ and their engagement shoot. These are not your traditional engagement photos at Disneyland, because Dani and CJ are not your traditional couple. Dani is the embodiment of a 50s pin up. She has flawless eyeliner, sings in a rockabilly band and is a killer stylist. CJ makes the most amazing creations one can only dream of owning, as well as keeping the film industry real. Together they are unstoppable and so much fun.

From the moment I met them it was obvious we were going to have a blast. Once they found out I’d not been on the new Star Wars ride, they determined to get a place secured. This was so touching, and the ride was fabulous!! 

I hope you enjoy these Disneyland engagement photos as much as I enjoyed taking them! Keep an eye out for a couple of well-known faces congratulating the happy couple. 

disneyland engagement photo

Of course I had to say hello to the bunny! Hi, Thumper!

If you’d like to see more engagement photo sessions, take a look here at Irving and Christi’s engagement photos on Laguna Beach. Christi very much had her Ariel moment! For advice and tips on getting the perfect engagement photos, check out this blog post.


Location: Disneyland, the Happiest Place on Earth. Disney’s California Adventure. | That amazing Star Wars ride: Rise of the Resistance.


Thank you all for your lovely comments! We had the BEST day ever with Kate and are so thrilled with our photos. We cannot recommend her enough!

These are so cute! It looks like they had a TON of fun! I also love her outfit! It fits right in with the setting.

How fun are these photos!?! You found great perspectives in all of these Disneyland engagement photos! You can tell that everyone is having a blast, and Dani’s style is amazing! I can’t help but smile looking through these images 🙂 I love the shot in front of the “May the force be with you” wall – you nailed it!

Get out!!! I’ve never seen a Disney engagement before and it is literally the CUTEST thing ever!!! The shot of the rings on Cinderella and Prince Charming’s hands is the sweetest little nod to Disney and love and all things utterly romantic. What a fun, playful session!

Oh my God, these are soooo good! Couldn’t imagine a better location for this couple, it really shows how much fun they had (by the way, the couple is adorable!) and you captured so many amazing moments. Love it!

Way too cute and magical. Love how you showed off their playful side so well.

OH Simply WOW! This looks like a true fairytale from Disney indeed!! So beautiful <3 and they are so insanely cute!

This is the sweetest! DISNEY is my favourite place on earth, they’re so lucky to have you capture this session the way you have. Such a beautiful couple – they must be so happy with these ❤️




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