Hello, I'm Kate!

London born and bred, I have been lucky enough to call California home for the past six years. My accent is still very strong though! A traveller from a young age, after a few trips around the world I decided to settle and go to school as a mature student.

I like to refer to myself as a wedding photography ‘elder’ (actually I’d like to refer to myself as young, hip and cool but we can all dream). I’ve been in the photography business for 19 years, shooting only weddings and elopements for the last five, so you are in very good hands.

I studied Photojournalism at Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design in London (known for Stella McCartney, PJ Harvey & Alexander McQueen, and was also immortalised in THIS Pulp song). My goal was to be a conflict photojournalist but in the end I felt I couldn’t put my family through the worry. Instead, when I'm not at an elopement or wedding I work with local NGOs and tell their stories. Head over to my blog to read about my recent work with Soccer Without Borders.

I fell in love with weddings after shooting my first one by accident as a favour to a friend. It really is a huge honor to be part of such a special day, and I am so happy I get to call this a job. As well as capturing weddings, I started photographing elopements a few years ago and knew that was what I wanted to do more than anything. What can be better than saying 'I do' in one of California's gorgeous locations?

I believe in couples doing things their own way. Whether you want to climb up the side of a mountain to find a secret spot to elope just the two of you, or inviting 30 of your nearest and dearest to celebrate somewhere meaningful to you, no special day is too big, too small, too far away or too simple. Do things your way - if that means sticking with tradition, or forgoing it altogether. I am supportive in your plans and would love to tell your story.



Things I love include - | Bowie | animals | gardening | surfing | Breakdance 1 & 2 (but 1 is far superior) | printed photos | shooting on film cameras | halloumi cheese | weddings | Earl Grey tea | adventures | bunny rabbits | sunrise | snowboarding | my cats | concerts | Brixton, London | anything written by Hunter S. Thompson | cedarwood | fairy lights | riding horses really fast | pizza | finding cool shells on the beach | funny coincidences | my family | British comedy | travelling | friends | England (I'm very patriotic) | the smell of wetsuits | karma | dancing | positivity | writing letters | VW camper vans | meeting nice people.

Let's talk about LOVE

Although my work as a photographer has led me to some remarkable places, the cherry on the cake has always been the people. In my photos, I want to know and capture who you really are - what it means to be you and to tell your story authentically.

For me there is no aspect of photography more rewarding than witnessing and capturing moments of pure emotion. Weddings are an occasion where the emotional are celebrated - the tearful mother clutching her hankie; the besotted couple always gravitating towards each other; the wistful grandma; proud best friend who has been on the same journey to find a soulmate.

In case you can't tell I'm a huge softie and a firm believer in true love! My parents are a huge inspiration for me. I recently flew home for their 50th wedding anniversary and vow renewal, and they still hold hands and giggle like teenagers.

I happily live with Sam, another Brit who I met in Las Vegas of all places!

We are joined by Delilah, my cat who flew over from London with me, and two kittens we rescued over here. I ADORE my family, both human and fluffy.

I'm ordained!!!


That's handy then! Yes, I can marry you wherever you desire AND take your photos. We can work together to plan the ceremony and any readings, or you can leave it to me. If it helps, I have a killer London accent. You bring the marriage license, I take care of the rest.

What I think a wedding is about

Weddings don’t always go as you plan they will. In fact, they never do. My lovely bride Katy had a very definite blue theme for her destination wedding in Italy. Blue bridesmaids’ dresses, blue in the flowers. You get the picture. When her wedding cake was brought out, it was green. Very, very green. She was understandably upset and ended up ‘cutting’ their cardboard display cake, which was at least not TOO green.

Three years later and this is one of her favorite stories about the wedding, and she wouldn’t change a thing.

I did learn something very important. A wedding is many things: a celebration, a gathering of family and friends, a ritual, a dinner, a party, a smile and some laughter; tears, a memory, a future. A dress, two rings, a cake and so many other details that come together for this incredibly special day.

Having said that, a wedding is quite simply two people telling the world that they choose each other forever.

Nothing else really matters.

Do it your way. Big white wedding or just the two of you on a mountaintop. However you choose to get married, your photographs will probably become the most important record you’ll ever have of one of the happiest days of your lives. In 30 or 50 years your children and grandchildren will swoon over your wedding album, just take a look here at my parents’ album from 50 years ago!

And THAT is why I became a wedding photographer. Because of love. The ability to be involved in, and be able to document, the single thing that connects every human being on the globe. Deep down, love is the reason we all keep going. And not just love between the two of you. The emotional connections to and between your family and friends.

"Above and beyond what we expected."

If you want someone that has a knack for making you comfortable in front of a camera, and thus being able to capture raw emotion, look no further. Kate seamlessly becomes part of your family and friends celebrating you as a couple, although she still somehow manages to capture each and every moment so perfectly.

It's also overly apparent how much she cares. When we found out that the botanical gardens where we had planned to do our first look was going to be closed on our wedding day due to a plant sale, she offered a complimentary second shoot with us the Sunday after our Friday wedding. It was such a wonderful compromise, and was above and beyond what we expected.

You spend a lot of time with your photographer on your wedding day, and you want to be comfortable around them! Kate makes that so easy :), so don't hesitate to hire her!

- Amy & Kyle

How I became a curator of memories

The story of the brown suitcase

Ever since I can remember we have had this old brown suitcase. My brother and I would plead for my dad to get it out of the loft and we’d spend hours going through old photos. Even now with us both living in different countries, we still like to go through the contents of this treasure chest when we go home.

Photographs anchor us to memories we will always revisit, and I’m still heartsore about losing most of my photos when I moved. The good news is you don’t get to see a photo of me aged 18 looking the epitome of grunge! Since then I have become a curator of memories for myself and now for my couples.

Take a look at my parents’ wedding album. They bought this fifty years ago and it is one of their most treasured possessions. There is something about holding a photo in your hands and really looking at it that makes it special. When Sam visited home at Christmas he took 100 printed photos of his life in California to leave with his family and show his friends. I know for sure those photos have been pored over many times already.

Combine this curator of memories with a lifelong love of the outdoors (I wore wellington boots with EVERYTHING as a kid, pretty dresses be damned) and you have me. My favourite place to be is outside in nature and I love to travel, whether it's 34 hours on a plane to Uganda or an hour drive down the coast to surf a new location.

Being asked to photograph a huge life event such as a wedding is a huge honor and not one I take lightly. A lot of precision planning goes on behind the scenes!

I spend my weekends surrounded by love and helping create and immortalize memories in beautiful and interesting places, and you can’t get much better than that.

vintage wedding album
wedding album from 1969

She had put in so much time and effort into researching places and times of day to take photos. Her friendly and enthusiastic personality put us at ease throughout the whole day and we honestly forgot she was there.

We were blown away with the photos and have had the most amazing comments from family and friends. Kate captured the day perfectly and all the pictures told an exact story of the day.

We can't thank Kate enough for everything she did for us. We would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a wedding photographer, she is by far the best!

- Katy & Steve

Think you might want to book me as your wedding or

elopement photographer?

You can read a little more about the way I work here. From there, why not have a look at some recent weddings on the blog here. My portfolio link is in the menu bar above. I’m pretty active on Instagram – you can head over to my feed here – I generally post at least one image a day.

I tend to book out quite far in advance; most people book me around one year ahead of their wedding. So if you’d like to work with me, don’t leave it until the last minute to reach out and say hi, or I might no longer be available on your wedding date.


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