A Polaroid should actually be laid flat somewhere dark. I like to tuck ‘em in my armpit for a couple of minutes.

I’ve been obsessed with analogue photography since 1981, when on my sixth birthday I was given a little red camera.

Forty years of shooting film later (it hurt to type that), I am now a film only wedding photographer.

My new course - The Analogue Anarchist’s Guide to Film Photography - does not encourage busting out your best OutKast impression.

It does, however, teach you how to shoot film from beginning to end.

If you want to add analogue photography into your wedding workflow, and have fun doing it, this is for you.


Who's it for?

Anyone who wants to shoot film. You may be returning to film after a hiatus, or you could be brand-new.

Either way, this will refresh your memory or fill your brains with a vast amount of information.

I am a wedding photographer, and this course is aimed at those wanting to bring film into the gang.

If you’re not a photographer this course is still for you. You’ll learn all the basics anyway. When I say basics, I mean basics.

We are going back to school with the exposure triangle, the sunny 16 rule, and even how to open a camera.

film photography education

By the time you’ve finished the course, you’ll be able to confidently shoot film professionally in any situation.

There’s even a lifeline. It comes with a one-hour zoom call with me, your phone-a-friend. You can book your call in with me at any point during the course.

Could be handy for a section you just know you're going to need extra help with (I’m looking at you, slide film. You beautiful but tricky bugger).

Over ten hours of videos.

Lifetime access.

In-depth downloadable worksheets for every section.

Access to the Analog Anarchist facebook group.

1-hour zoom call for any troubleshooting.




london wedding photographer

I'm a Gen X punk from London, who is a fan of doing things a little different from the norm.

A film shooter for over four decades, I jumped on the digital bandwagon with everyone else. This made me sad and uninspired, so I returned to my film happy place.

Since then I have won a Fearless Award on 35mm film, been nominated for one of Rangefinder Magazine's 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography, and only work with couples who appreciate the beauty and imperfections of analogue.

I don't miss digital.



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