I'm not comfortable having my photo taken - will it be a nightmare?

In one word, no.

The long answer:
Most of us are not models who are used to having a stranger poke a camera in our face at all times. With this in mind, I generally float around with a very long lens, unnoticed, until you quickly forget I'm there. This results in you relaxing without feeling the pressure to 'perform' for the camera.

What happens on the wedding day?

I get extremely close with my couples and I’m 100% invested in their love stories. I want you to be comfortable and to think of me as a friend who just so happens to occasionally have a camera in front of her face!

The day of the wedding I’ll be the calm amongst the rest of the craziness. I will be someone you can come to with anything you need and I’ll do my best to make it happen. And I’ll be capturing all of the moments you didn’t realise I was around for. This day is all about you both and I will never take away from that.

What is your booking process?

I like to meet up with all my couples, either in-person or via Skype before booking, which is meant to ensure that we are an excellent fit – both stylistically and personally. It is very important that your ideals, needs, and preferences mesh with your photographer, and this is how I can ensure you receive the absolute best experience possible.

No one ever talks about things that are really important to making you happy before the wedding – Things like flexibility in accepting payments, friendliness when working with your families, or being available to answer your questions and put your mind at ease during the stressful planning process. I just need a non-refundable retainer and a signed contract, then I'm all yours.

What is your particular style?

Very much documentary-style. I studied photojournalism, and am so interested in people I could watch them all day. I love capturing emotions, reactions and all the feels. I prefer natural reactions and situations unspoiled by direction, and the majority of my photos are shot in this candid style.

However there are times when posing is required: Bride and groom portraits, bridesmaid and groomsmen group photos, family photos, etc. In these situations, I provide direction and posing, but I do so in a more relaxed manner than traditional wedding photographers. I direct and pose in a way that allows people to relax and be happy so their true personalities can come out – while still showing them what to do.

Can I share my photos on social media? How many will I receive?

Of course! You have shared rights to the images and can use them for whatever reason you'd like.

You will generally receive 100 photos per hour of shooting. I carefully choose the final photos - you'd receive all apart from duplicates and where someone is blinking.

How long have you been shooting?

I started taking photos professionally in 2001, for an extreme sports company in New Zealand. I was asked to shoot a wedding, and I was hooked.

I've dabbled in other forms of photography, including a very cold and wet phase of photographing waves. From inside them. In winter. I always came back to weddings, and last year was lucky to photograph my first destination wedding. I'm so looking forward to more!

Do you use a contract? Are you insured?

Absolutely! I wouldn’t dream of shooting without either! I am fully insured for both liability/indemnity and equipment damage. I have an industry-standard contract that must be signed to save your wedding date.

Do you travel?

I travel A LOT. For personal and business, and I will basically go anywhere to shoot a wedding. Nowhere is too far, I've been travelling since I did my first ski season solo at age 16 and I have no plans to stop any time soon.

Longest travel: 34 hours on the way back from Uganda
Easiest travel: That time Virgin upgraded me on my return from Italy
(thank you Virgin!)

What if I want my dog to be in the wedding?

I'm glad you asked!

I have a GoPro and a dog harness, so any good boy or good girl is able to attend your wedding and film their dog's eye view of your day.

Note: I don't think this would work with cats.

Is your name really Bunny?

I was so distraught when my beloved house rabbit, Bunny, died of old age I gave myself a new middle name.

Goodness knows what will happen when the cat eventually goes.