California wedding photographer

I'm Kate and I love weddings. One of my earliest memories is the day Princess Diana married Charles. Walking up and down my road, wearing a net curtain and waving at everyone, I genuinely believed they thought I was her when they waved back.

London born and bred, I now call California home but have photographed weddings as close as City Hall and as far as Italy. I use a combination of two digitals and one film camera, and my style is very photojournalistic. Though you’ll hardly notice me when it counts, I will be front and centre for the most special day of your life. Tissues are always in my pocket - I will no doubt shed a tear or two.

I keep my images filled with raw emotions and unstaged moments. My inspiration comes from light, colours, and every detail that makes your history yours. The aim is for you to look at your photos and immediately be taken back to the day and all the feelings.