Let me capture how your wedding feels

There are so many wonderful moments that happen in our lives as quick as a flash. Photographs freeze frame those moments for years to come. They are not just pretty pictures, they are once in a lifetime moments to be cherished forever. I photograph not only how your wedding looks, but also how it FEELS.

The flowers will wilt, the dress will go into storage, the cake will be eaten. Your wedding photographs will be there for decades to come. My documentary approach will tell the story and capture the emotion of the day in beautiful images. Many of my couples and their guests tell me how my photographs of their weddings really make them feel they are back in the moment. I would be honored to tell your story too.

I know weddings and photography inside out and upside down. The wonderful thing about this is the ability it gives me to immerse myself in your wedding day rather than worrying about lighting or any other technical aspect.

I’m not just another wedding supplier there to get a job done. I want to be part of your day. I photograph people being people, and I do it in such a way you'll hardly notice I’m there.


Julia & Bryan

"Thank you so much Kate. I can't put into words how freaking awesome you are. All my friends and family loved you so much too!

You are so f*ing talented and I'm sorry for the French but there's just no other way to describe it. Thank you for taking such lovely photos that we will cherish for life. Bowie was for sure present in spirit and I really believe fate brought us together"

joshua tree elopement



My starting rates


Weddings starting at $3,200 | 6 hours

Elopements starting at $1,400 | 3 hours

Couples session starting at $400 | 1 hour

| high-res edited images

| online password-protected gallery

| full printing rights included

Can be customized to add:

| second shooter

| myself as your officiant

| film photography pack

| drone photography

| prints & albums

Get in touch

"Kate is just an awesome human being - she is truly happy for her couples & wants to capture all the precious moments."

We are so happy that we found Kate!! She is a great photographer and she was very helpful through our planning phase and on our wedding day. We had no problem with communicating with her and we always got prompt responses. She has always been very pro-active about contacting us and setting up schedules or going over the timeline.

Kate also loves animals and we had our dogs in our wedding. We got cool photos with our pups and she was so patient with them too! Kate even brought her GoPro and we put it on one of our pups.

- Naomi & Todd

Frequently Asked Questions

I hear you, and I'm the same!! I can also assure you that every single person you see on this website said the same thing. The shy ones, the self conscious ones, the ones who think they have an odd smile and those who insist one eye is miles bigger than the other. I worry about my nose, my wonky tooth and currently I'm obsessed with my nostrils being hugely different.

They all say the same thing - I make them feel so comfortable and relaxed they completely forget they are having their photo taken. It's a combination of my terrible jokes, energy and strong London accent.

All wedding galleries are delivered within five weeks. Engagements and couples sessions within two. I also deliver a few sneak peeks by the next day. This means you get to post them on social media the day after your wedding and can also start your Thank You cards.

Every wedding is different, but I usually deliver around 80-100 images per hour of shooting. I never release RAW files.


Although I try to use available light wherever possible, bright sunshine will sometimes need a little fill light and the reception usually does. It's also fun to play with lighting during the reception to get some interesting effects.

I also make sure the lights are positioned in a way so as not to be obtrusive or annoying.

People tend to hire me for my relaxed documentary style of photography, but of course I include some formals in the final set of photos. You don't see them on the website because it would be so hard to choose!

It is often the only time all extended family members are in the same place and wearing their best, so it is only logical to get those images. We will still have fun - have you ever seen a photographer try to gather 15 people in one place and make them relaxed in 10 seconds AND look at the camera? Trust me, you'll laugh at the lengths I go to!

A contract is created for your protection, and also for the vendor. Before booking I always send out a proposal and contract which I encourage you to read thoroughly before signing.

I also recommend you do not book any other vendors who do not provide a contract.

A shot list forces us to check off a list of pictures instead of taking photos of your wedding story as it unfolds. We can’t capture the genuine moments and behind-the-scenes images if we’re constantly looking at a list.

If you have a specific shot in mind, for example if you dream of a photo in front of the starry night sky or if Uncle Bob on the dance floor is a must, then please do let me know. I send out a questionnaire before the wedding which asks these questions and also for the formal photos list.

The family formals list helps for the photographer to have an order to get the photos done efficiently and quickly. It also helps if you designate a point person to help – it makes for a smoother process than having them shouting out for Auntie Marjorie or me trying to work out who is who (this also gives you and your guests more time for cocktail hour!)


After I have selected the final images for delivery I then edit each file individually before converting to a full resolution jpeg file, which you will receive via electronic download from your private gallery and on your personalized USB.

I can! Not only do I have a lot of backcountry skills (remind me to tell you about the time I jumped out of a helicopter to snowboard down Mont Blanc), I am also an ordained minister so you can have a tiny private wedding if you choose.

A few of my couples decided to elope privately and have their wedding celebration next year instead, which I think is a fab idea.

(only asked once by a ten year old but I feel it must have been important to her)

Unfortunately not, but I did meet her husband back when I was working with a charity to help rehabilitate juvenile offenders in London. Prince Philip is famously known for saying the wrong thing, for example he told a child he was too fat to be an astronaut and asked a policewoman if she was a suicide bomber.

He asked me if I was 'one of these bloody delinquents'. I had to reply that no your highness, I'm here with the charity. It was nice to be thought of as a teenager whilst in my thirties though.

I don’t see the point in giving my clients photos covered in watermarks and so small you can’t do anything with them. The photos you download are high resolution and ready for you to print and share.

I can print for you, or you can buy products from the store linked to your gallery. When your gallery is delivered so is a coupon code for your order. Don't worry - I will send you a reminder when the coupon expires.

Please, please do not print your images at Walgreens or similar. Their printers will not do your photos justice. Costco is the way to go!!

Yes. Yes, it is.

In London I had a beloved house rabbit named Bunny. Well, her name was actually Princess HoneyBunny but I called her Bunny for short. When she died of old age I was so distraught I gave myself a middle name in her honor.

My mother still thinks I am joking.

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