Intimate Mayfair Wedding 35mm

Intimate Mayfair Wedding on film

Intimate Mayfair wedding on 35mm and medium format film, on a sunny afternoon in June.

Liz and Niall chose the perfect day for their intimate wedding. Liz’s family from Australia blended seamlessly with Niall’s Irish loved ones, all flew over to London to celebrate this gorgeous couple. Niall’s brother, a priest in Ireland, had an extra special role – he was given permission from Farm Street Church in Mayfair to marry them.

As I arrived in Mayfair, the guests were enjoying a cheeky one at the Punchbowl just down the road. In the church, the priests were preparing for the ceremony whilst Niall and his best man waited anxiously for the girls to arrive.


Farm Street Church, Mayfair

I love the moment the couple see each other for the first time. A beautiful shaft of light appeared just before Liz arrived with her dad, so Niall’s first view of his wife to be was illuminated from above. Gorgeous. Paul performed a beautiful ceremony, then my couple joyously walked back down the aisle to the sounds of their loved ones cheering to the heights of the stained glass ceiling.

One of my favourite parts of a wedding is the love bombing that follows the ceremony. All the family and friends showering my couple with love, combined with the ‘holy shit we’re married’ glow. I love it! A short journey over the river in a black cab, and they enjoyed a beautiful reception at Brunswick House in Vauxhall. I very much recommend this as a venue – soft light and an intimate setting.

Film Wedding Photographer

As always, I’m so grateful to my couples for trusting in the ‘non wedding, wedding photographer’ process. Part of that magic is capturing the day on analogue film, for a bit of instant nostalgia and a bit of anarchy. I used a variety of 35mm and medium format cameras, but my personal favourites from the day are on my Pentax medium format 645. It blurs the background in such a gorgeous way – most of the ceremony photos were with this camera.

Film used:

Kodak Portra 800 | Kodak Portra 400 | Kodak Gold 200 | Kodak Ultramax 400 | Ilford HP5 400

London Wedding Photographer

From 2023 I’m opening my books for London. Yes folks, I’m back home! If you’re not into traditional wedding photos, and you’re getting married in London, the UK, Europe, and beyond, I’d love to talk to you. You can find out more HERE


priest in farm street church mayfair
Intimate Mayfair Wedding 35mm
Intimate Mayfair Wedding 35mm
Intimate Mayfair church Wedding 35mm
Intimate Mayfair Wedding 35mm
farm street church mayfair wedding 35mm
farm street church mayfair wedding 35mm
bride portrait on film
Intimate Mayfair Wedding 35mm
brunswick house wedding 35mm
wedding cake on 35mm
cutting wedding cake 35mm
cutting wedding cake 35mm

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