las vegas elvis wedding

Elvis wedding in Las Vegas

When Laura contacted me about her Las Vegas Elvis wedding, I was thrilled. I love Vegas, I love Elvis, and I love amazing couples booking me!

Like many of my brides, Laura and I first bonded over our mutual love of David Bowie. In fact, I remember talking about Bowie and Prince so much on our first phone call we barely spoke about the wedding!

For a couple with excellent taste in music, the Graceland Chapel was the perfect choice. They knew they wanted to get married by Elvis, and actually the Elvis at the Graceland Chapel is one of the best ones in Las Vegas so they did really well.

Elvis escorted Laura down the aisle upon entering the building, and in parts officiated the ceremony and serenaded the happy couple. He was brilliant! So much charisma. If you want Elvis to marry you in Las Vegas, I fully recommend the Graceland Chapel.

We’d set up my phone in advance to Zoom the ceremony for Laura and Carl’s families, as has become the pandemic way. They also came with us to the Neon Museum afterwards, where I’d set up a speaker for a first dance.


Neon Museum Portraits

At the Neon Museum we only had 15 minutes for photos. I’d spent ages that week making a cardboard model, so I knew where the best light would be when the sun hit.

It rained instead. All day! Fortunately I am English, and always carry a selection of umbrellas in my car. Laura and Carl had their first dance to Elvis, of course, surrounded by neon from Vegas’ heyday. Beautifully accessorized by lots of rain and a clear plastic umbrella.

The mizzle (mist/drizzle) looked beautiful though.

After the Neon Museum my lovely couple took me for a drink in El Cortez, a historic hotel on Fremont Street. A super cool way to end a super cool day. I can’t wait for their wedding later this year.

Can you spot me, by the way? A couple of the images on this post were taken by Carl with one of my film cameras. I’m towards the end, by the man with the impressive moustache.

There was a certain kind of bliss driving home down the empty strip. It was pouring rain, I had the windows down and was blasting the King. Of course.


The best Elvis in Vegas for your wedding

Graceland Chapel – The best Elvis in Vegas, in my opinion.

A Little White Chapel – I got married here!

The Elvis Wedding Chapel – Many Elvises, many locations. Even a pop-up wedding at the Welcome to Vegas sign, with the King. 

Las Vegas Elvis Wedding Chapel – For the ‘younger’ Elvis.



Shot on Kodak Portra 160 | Fuji Provia | Fuji Reala | Ilford HP5 | Ilford Delta.

Please enjoy this hand-picked playlist whilst viewing the photos. Long live the King.



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las vegas elvis wedding



everything looks better on analog



❤️❤️❤️❤️love! The pictures are amazing! I didnt know about this so fun to look and read!!!!!

You made this the most beautiful, special Day! Thank you from the bottom of my heart😘😘😘😘 cannot wait to do it aGain in oct2022!!!

Wow…blown away with this Las Vegas elopement….Love the Elvis playlist!

Such a fun elopement in Las Vegas! Ya really can’t go wrong with Elvis!!!

Elvis really stole the show with this wedding. Her dress is so cool, though! That B&W with elvis gesticulating is my favorite~

Las Vegas will always be that timeless elopement location. I love all the info on getting married by elvis and the neon museum photos are amazing!!

This celebration looks like a whole lot of fun! Think the car photos are my Favourite, especially the black and white…thanks for sharing!

This is epic! The neon museum is such a cool spot for photos in vegas! Love it

this looks like a fun day!!! I absolutely love that you shoot on film. the film grain gives a beautiful warmth to the image and every photo feels more precious and one-of-a-kind. Great work!

Wow the neon museum is so cool!! I’ve been to vegas so many times and never heard of that place. I’ll definitely need to plan to go there next time. I love the elvis playlist!


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