surf couples anniversaRY SHOOT

Contrary to popular belief, not all engagement or anniversary couple sessions have to involve you holding onto each other and fake kissing in a place that means nothing to you!

May I introduce you to Rachelle and Josh. For their anniversary session, these ocean lovers decided to go for a sunset surf with their little boy. They brought me along to document the session, which was one of those perfect hazy Southern California evenings.

Being a part of the surfing community here has brought some incredible people in my life, for which I’m so grateful. Speaking of which:

This year brought Groundswell Community Project into my life. Groundswell is research-based surf therapy. The curriculum and programs are rooted in somatic, trauma-informed, nature, and community therapy models to best support the holistic healing of womxn and their communities overcoming various forms of trauma and its mental health effects.

I've been a volunteer with them for two programs now. The power of healing I've witnessed through Groundswell this year has inspired me to start the certification process and become a surf therapy facilitator myself. If you'd like more information let me know :)

Happy seven year anniversary Rachelle & Josh!

(if you look close, you can see their son garlanding them with seaweed).


elopements; 35mm film; super 8


elopements; 35mm film; super 8


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