lucky black cat

The Lucky Black Cat

Well hello you curious cats and kittens. Good job finding this secret page!

English superstition says that giving a couple a black cat on their wedding day will bring good luck in their marriage. It’s also thought that newlyweds with a black cat in their home will have a long, happy life together, and the black cat will ward off evil spirits.

Don’t have a black cat? With their wedding bouquet brides would carry a real horseshoe decorated with black cats for luck. This photo shows my parents on their wedding day in 1969. My mum has the cat in a horseshoe with her bouquet.

They celebrated their 50th anniversary in 2019 and are happy as Larry.

Don't worry if you don't share your life with a black cat. Here are mine to bring you luck on your wedding day.

How it began

I used to volunteer at the SPCA in the medical wing with the sick and young cats. When COVID hit and I was home more, I started to foster kittens. When kittens are found without their mum, their chance of survival is slim. When they have a human willing to bottle feed every two hours, their chances increase!

We bottle fed and fostered 14 kittens in total. Some arrived at two days old. One litter had feline panleukopenia, which is fatal in cats and all had to be rushed to the vet. My heart breaks for Brian, who didn't make it.

Meet Junior

As soon as the kittens started arriving, our cat Snoop took on the role of babysitter. He always knew where they were. He always knew when they were hungry. He LOVED having them. It only seemed right, as he developed a friendship with the shy one, to keep that kitten for him.

I’d like you to meet Junior. Abandoned in a box at two weeks old, he came to me full of fleas and hissing like a snake. He survived the panleukopenia, and is a lucky lad. Black cats have the highest euthanasia rate in shelters, so both he and Snoop were spared that.

lucky black cat

* I would love to say he's named after Junior Murvin, who wrote Police & Thieves which was later covered by The Clash.

We're not that cool. tried on many names but He is just a junior version of Snoop.



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