Palos Verdes elopement

Meg is another wedding photographer from England. She had met Josh, her Californian, working on a cruise ship and now it was time to move to the states and marry that man. Delayed, of course, due to the pandemic.

On a misty Wednesday evening in June, I waited at the spot in Palos Verdes with Josh, his parents and their friends. We set up the phone so Meg’s folks could FaceTime in from London, 2 AM with a cup of tea, as the surfers surfed below whilst eagles soared above.

Meg walked herself down the natural aisle overlooking the ocean, yellow converse on her feet and massive grin on her face. Rory married them, and all parents and Stefanie said a few words. When Josh pulled his guitar out to serenade Meg mid ceremony – WOW.

After the beautiful and emotional ceremony they had a chat with Meg’s parents (before letting them go back to bed) and toasted over a bottle of champagne. I love watching newlyweds the 10 or 15 minutes after the ceremony. They are unable to stop smiling as the reality sets in and that will never tire for me. Meg and Josh were no exception.

There is one moment in their video, about five minutes after the wedding. It always brings a tear to my eye because of the absolute pure love and joy radiating from them both.

I was so fortunate that my couple trusted my vision. I shot the whole evening using analog film cameras and a super 8 video camera. 35mm film is how I started my photography journey in the 70s, and it is a medium I embrace with the utmost of relish.

Meg and Josh – massive, massive congratulations to you both. New friends.






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