35mm film wedding photo of bride and groom with cake


Together, we will create magic. Photos that will become ragged round the edges and creased from being looked at and loved, time and again.

I am always thinking about what these images will mean to you 30-40 years down the road.

Each moment counts. Every single part of the rich tapestry that makes up your day. I will document these memories for you as if they were my own.

This is going to be a storybook of your wedding day from beginning to end. Every special, boring, unique, normal, traditional, batshit crazy, emotional, calm part of your day needs to be captured and in a beautiful way you'll never tire of.

All on analogue film. Lovingly shot, hand-developed, scanned and gently edited by me.

the toucan soho on analogue film
grandchildren running round grandad
walnut grove wedding

It is hard to summarize everything that makes Kate awesome, but here it goes...

Kate is an astounding photographer/kind human being who captured our dream wedding and all of the special moments we now can cherish forever.

During the wedding day we hardly noticed Kate as she was so good at swooping, snapping the perfect moment, and backing off. I've been to far too many weddings where it feels like the video or photo team is guiding the wedding vibe and pacing and to me it can be a real mood killer... not with Kate.

Kate respects the event and the guests and most of all the special couple.

Do yourself a favor and do everything you can to hire her, she is simply the best.

groom dancing with his father at wedding


americans - these fabulous analogue photographers i highly recommend:



farm street church mayfair wedding


wedding photo in london on 35mm film


it must be love

black and white film wedding photo

How do I take portraits without posing you? By placing you in the best light, and observing.

The just-married glow is so beautiful, and at that moment in time you’ll never have felt so in love.

It's my job to harness that in an image, so every time you flip through your wedding album you are struck with an immediate desire to hug your beloved fiercely.

joshua tree elopement on black and white film
joshua tree elopement

Kate was an absolute blast to work with. I knew from her website that she would take amazing pictures and would be down to earth but she exceeded our expectations and then some.

She was always professional and prompt when responding to any emails or messages. On the day of our elopement she made us feel so relaxed and comfortable. She was fun and upbeat and allowed us to be ourselves. Kate took us to multiple locations at the ideal times.

She also is simply a great person which is evident from the start. We could not be happier. She went above and beyond for us. She is unique, lively, and a true artist of her field.

You can truly tell she is passionate about what she does. I could go on and on!

We love Kate.

joshua tree elopement




black and white wedding photo 35mm


The Experience with me





You bet I do! Nothing excites me more than the opportunity to shoot a destination wedding or


If you're thinking of taking your celebrations

overseas, please get in touch so we can chat about the finer details.

This is your wedding and if you are uncomfortable with your photos being shared on my social media platforms, I will respect that.

I’ve shot a few

public figures and am more than happy to sign an NDA.


Love is love and I'm 100% here for it.



are you insured?

Do you offer albums?

I certainly do!

You can add albums to your package - I’ve a few different options when it comes to designing your fine art handmade album.

You can even purchase prints and wall art directly from your online gallery.

Oh yes.

Not only am I insured, I have backups on backups for my equipment and also for storing your images.

I hand develop my film, so I have complete control over your precious memories.

andy warhol

wedding rings on a plate of chips at wimpy london on 35mm film

I'm IN

However you decide to get married, I RSVP HELL YES and will be there to capture your entire experience.

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