TLDR: No, you won't have to sell a kidney

You are the heroes of your own story

i'm just your personal historian

Together, we will create magic. Photos that will become ragged round the edges and creased from being looked at and loved, time and again.

I am always thinking about what these images will mean to you 30-40 years down the road. This means I watch for the moments like a hawk,

and the posing is but a distant memory of knitting catalogues.


what's included


Starting at $5,500

**Customized Packages Available***

Stateside and international destination wedding coverage. If you take me home to England for your wedding I will love you eternally.


Elopements - not just for running away to Vegas with a weeks notice. I'm looking at you, Kate Hampson.

Yes, that is what I did. I even took my own wedding photos. See the reel here.

That day was perfect for who we are as a couple. No two couples are the same - so let me help craft the perfect memories for YOU.

surf engagement session


Starting at $700

Zero posing and a whole lotta fun.

Digital photography only really began to exist when I was in my 30s and for that reason, I’ve always preferred film.

There’s absolutely nothing like the precise capture of you slicing the top of the champagne bottle off, immortalized in film forever. I shoot digital alongside film as backup, so you get the best of both worlds.

Because I grew up without the ability to add filters to EVERYTHING, you’ll never receive sepia-toned, overly retouched images from me. Just photos you can hold in your hand and a Super 8 film to watch, containing all of the absolute magic of your day.

i'm in!

let's book a call

However you want to get married, I RSVP HELL YES and will be there to capture your entire experience.