Quarantine Wedding

Santa Ana, CA

Cristina & James

March 2020

The Quarantine Wedding

Never would I have thought I’d write a post about a quarantine wedding! Here we are though – love in the time of COVID-19. 

If you follow my blog and social media you’d know I have a very soft spot for Cristina and James. Their wedding was set to take place on March 20 – the day after the Shelter in Place order due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
We obsessively checked the weather and were set for a rainy wedding, having no idea what was about to happen.

Their venue made the decision to cancel the wedding, so we had a few days to put plan B into place. And what a plan B it was! Two days before their original wedding date and one day before quarantine, Cristina and James married at the house of James’ sister and her husband.

It was a small intimate ceremony with close family and friends. It reminded me of the British wartime brides, making dresses from parachutes and waving their new husbands off to war. They were solid declarations of love. In a time of huge uncertainty and fear these couples carved out a few hours of joy.

And love conquers all

Cristina & James’ wedding felt so intimate and emotional. They couldn’t bear the idea of not being man and wife in these uncertain times. Everyone pitched in to make it extra special for them. James’ sister Suzy and his mum Lori made the desserts and Claro’s Italian Market were able to put the dinner together for them with one day’s notice! Suzy lit the dining room with candles and even Ella the dog joined in the celebrations to make it extra special. I’ve never seen a first dance happen in a hallway before but it really was gorgeous.

We don’t know when they will reschedule the ‘proper’ wedding yet – that is if they even choose to. The day was so beautiful and intimate, and perfectly them. I feel honored to be with them on their journey for two years. We met just before they were engaged, then enjoyed two engagement sessions, a couple of venue visits and then the quarantine wedding. I’m so happy they came into my life, and I’m looking forward to seeing what the next chapter holds for these adorable newlyweds!

Vendor List

Photographer: Kate Hampson | Bride’s dress: Casablanca | Flowers: Lori’s garden| Dinner: Claro’s Italian Market, Tustin

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Hello! I'm Kate.

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This is so inspiring for so many couples! You did an amazing job!

This is great. Everyone looks so relaxed and like they are really enjoying the day which is so important in times like this. Also, that photo of the guys on the playscape is gold! ?

What a special day, love that they made it happen!

I am so sorry they had to re-arrange everything for their wedding date but I am so glad they had such an amazing day. These photos say it all. Thanks for sharing and congrats to the couple

Such an incredible day! So much joy and happiness! What a great source of inspiration for other couples going through COVID as well!

These are so beautiful. What a meaningful way to get married. I don’t think it gets much better than being with those who are closest to you.

Looks like the perfect wedding to me! Intimate with all your most important people AND a gorgeous view. PLUS, love a dog at a wedding 🙂

Amazing images of a beautiful day! So glad for them that they got to celebrate their love so meaningfully – in spite of all the craziness that is going on right now. Great inspiration for other couples, too.

Isn’t it such a crazy time?! I am hoping that soon, all of this will be a distant memory. So happy that these two were still able to have what looks like the wedding of their dreams, despite the unprecedented circumstances. What a beautiful day!

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