Reptacular Ranch

Los Angeles, CA

Sammi & Lee

November 2019

Reptacular Ranch wedding

Sammi and Lee came into my life a month before their wedding at Reptacular Ranch because their original photographer dropped out and I am so glad they did! Sammi was understandably nervous at having a new photographer take over at the last minute but we had long conversations and a meeting at Reptacular Ranch before the wedding to help ease her nerves.

This wedding was a labor of love for the bride and groom and their close friends and family, who helped with everything from making the decor to baking the wedding cake. The more Sammi told me over the phone the more excited I became! Paper flowers? Vintage dress? Purple boots??? Gimme gimme gimme!

This hidden gem of a venue is my new favourite and you can see why. Beautiful in its natural state, it is a blank canvas in a secluded location in Sylmar just crying out to be decorated and hold a celebration. The owners are pretty special too – talk to Jenn about bringing up Herbie and their camel trekking adventures.

Wedding day

I arrived on a sunny November morning to find both Sammi and Lee in a state of giddy excitement. Lee and his groomsmen were each rocking a different tie and a keyblade from Kingdom Hearts, Lee’s favourite game. Sammi’s brother Max won tie fashion for the day with a custom printed tie showing Sammi & Lee dressed as Mario and Daisy! So cute and the couple were beside themselves.

I think it’s time I mentioned Sammi and Lee are both actors, as are many of their friends and wedding party. In fact, Sammi & Lee met acting opposite other. All the flowers were painstakingly made from scripts from plays and films they had performed in together. Honestly, my heart was just melting at every tiny detail.

Sammi was rocking her mum’s wedding dress from the 80s, purple lace-up boots and the most gorgeous hand painted vegan leather jacket. She had braided her hair and accessorized with sprigs of fresh lavender. In her own words, she looked like a woodland rockstar fairy witch. I agree!

The ceremony

The ring bearers, Peridot and Jackston, were told they could wear what they liked so they chose to come down the aisle in their Halloween costumes. I have never seen a dinosaur and a unicorn at a wedding before and sadly I’m not sure I will again for some time! Sammi’s grandmother Emily is a rabbi, and she married them in the most beautiful ceremony. She had told me beforehand she was going to surprise them with a quote from the Princess Bride, and I was ready for the reactions to “Mawwiage is wat bwings us togeder today”!

After the ceremony and some photos we moved on to the reception. Sammi & Lee performed a dance they had choreographed, we all cried at the speeches and then busted out the moves on the dancefloor. One thing about a wedding with lots of performers as guests – these people can DANCE! The whole day was so THEM. Each table had a hand-made sign related to gaming, which they both love, and they even had the triforce from Zelda on the wedding arch.

The Reptacular Ranch wedding experience

I must just take a moment to talk about the vendors. Elle was such a calming and professional planner and I’d recommend her to anyone. I was also blown away by Los Angeles Pizza Co, and I’m so sad I missed the dessert pizza! Sammi’s talented mum Cheryl baked the cake, and Spirit Guides is not only a fabulous name for a bartending service, but they were super to spend the day with as well. Any mention of wonderful vendors has to include Reptacular Ranch. We didn’t even have the animals out, but I can’t wait to work a wedding where the tequila burro comes out!

As I left there were some guests rocking out on the dancefloor to the ‘Duck Tails’ theme song, and some were roasting ‘smores by the fire. I drove home with aching cheeks from smiling all day, happy that the day had gone well and I’d made some lovely new friends too.

Please join me in wishing Sammi & Lee all the best for their new life together, and thanking the following vendors who helped make it all possible:

Vendor List

Pizza: LA Pizza Co | Bar tending: Spirit Guides| Planner: Gatherings by Elle | Venue: Reptacular Ranch | Bride’s boots: Oak Tree Farms | Bride’s jacket: Bagatelle, painted by tattoo artist Julia Cuevas | Paper flowers: Jenn Scuderi Crafts | Popcorn: Doc Popcorn




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