Saturday evening elopement photography with a couple very much in love makes me so happy.  Tami and Ted had been together for ten years, when one morning Ted woke up and asked Tami to marry him.

One of their first dates was at Point Richmond in the Bay Area, so it was fitting to have their wedding ceremony there. They drove up to the Bay Area from their home in Southern California, collecting Ted’s father Tony on the way.

As soon as I saw them get out of the car I knew this would be a special wedding. They were full of smiles and excitement and the sun was just setting, casting a golden glow on the happy couple.

Tami opted for a deliciously fragrant bouquet of roses and lavender, and accessorized with Ted’s late mother’s pearls.

As the sun started to make its way slowly towards the sea, they made their vows with Ted’s father Tony as witness. It was beautiful, there was so much love in the air. I think its up there as one of the most emotional weddings I have been a part of – just them and their love for each other. Along with Tony of course, and Kate the officiant.

I’ll remember this evening’s elopement for a very long time, and wish them all the best wishes in the world.