Wedding guests on 35mm film

I was a raver in the 90s in London. My photos from back then are full of people loving life, music, and each other. They were taken on a variety of compact 35mm cameras – point-and-shoots plus a few disposables on the way. I was particularly fond of laser beams, but never managed to capture them in their full glory.

Now, at weddings, the ravers have become guests and the laser beams are bubbles. I still take the same little 35mm cameras with me and the people are still loving life, music, and each other. Wedding guests are one of my favourite subjects to capture, and when they hit the dancefloor… Well. I have no option but to join them.

All photographed on Kodak and Ilford film.



wedding guests on analogue

(Yes, that’s me! With bride Josie from London)

walk this way...


everything looks better on analog


Feel free to get in touch with some info about your day, yourselves, your cats and all that jazz.

Send as much or as little as you'd like, but I really do love hearing all the details and cool touches you have planned.

Also, if you have a certain budget you would like to keep to, please do let me know.

I'm really looking forward to hearing from you :)


Oh my! That’s a dream of mine to shoot all on film. It looks increible!

These are so cool! I love film and you did a great job of capturing these moments!

These are such amazing photos! I love film and you did such a fantastic job capturing these wedding guests 🙂

This is such a cool wedding post! Love the film vibe. 🙂

i am absolutely obsessed with all your work – these are a vibe

These 35 mm film photos are awesome !! You captured them perfectly and they have such a fun look to them

The perfect way to document the true moments of a wedding – Love how all of the photos are full of so much emotion and energy!

A very fun and different style. This was definitely a party.


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