Woolwich Town Hall Wedding and Soho Shenanigans

35mm and medium format film.

From the couple:

Hi Kate,

We honestly have no words, these are all absolutely incredible! We’re both so over the moon with them, I keep welling up flicking through them. They couldn’t have turned out any better and are so much more than we anticipated.

THANK YOU truly from the bottom of our hearts for everything you did and have done for us. We’re so thankful we found you and that you and Sam were able to be our witnesses too. It means a lot and you helped make our day so very special that we will never forget it. 

We can’t thank you enough. BEST AND COOLEST PHOTOGRAPHER EVER!! Kate, you rock, we love you! 

Woolwich Town Hall wedding

When I received the enquiry from Leila and Joe, I didn’t think it was real. Their style inspiration was John and Yoko, the Rolling Stones, and alllll the sixties and seventies. I like to think my photo hero Mick Rock sent me this couple from the great beyond.

They’d chosen Woolwich Town Hall in south east London for its pure beauty. An Edwardian Baroque stunner, with stained glass windows and a colour scheme that would make Wes Anderson weep. I was itching to catch it on film!

I arrived at the Kimpton Fitzroy in the pouring rain, and joined my couple upstairs as they put the finishing touches to their outfits. Bowie was on the stereo, and the champagne flowed. We took a black cab to Woolwich, watching London go by through the steamed up windows. After a short but lovely ceremony, we headed to Wimpy for wedding chips and more champagne.

Soho, London

Before the big day we had lots of chats via email, and I tapped my dads brain for places the Stones et al may have spent their time. Ronnie Scotts, Denmark Street, basically all of Soho. I had a sneaky feeling we were in for a fun time.

I grew up in Soho. 17 years old, hiding in the corner by the jukebox in the Intrepid Fox on Wardour Street, and I was sold. Unfortunately the Fox is no more, but we visited many of my favourites on our rainy afternoon in Soho. We started at the Dog and Duck, a Grade II listed pub on Bateman Street. I was slightly obsessed with the vintage mirrors, and the fact it used to be a regular haunt of George Orwell. It was also nice to dry off! From there we bounced down to The Toucan, recently made famous in the film One Night In Soho. Everyone wanted to buy the newlyweds a drink! I left them surrounded by well wishers, and made my way out into the rainy night.

Congratulations Leila and Joe, newfound friends.

Film used: 35mm – Kodak Portra 800, Kodak Portra 400. 120 – Kodak Gold 200 pushed to 400.


bride helps groom get ready
bride puts on shoes 35mm
bride and groom on 35mm
bride and groom in a black cab on black and white film
woolwich town hall wedding analogue film
woolwich town hall elopement 35mm
london elopement 35mm film
bride and groom selfie in vintage mirror at the dog and duck soho
bride and groom walk through soho london 35mm
newlyweds walk into the toucan pub in soho london
black and white film photo of groom
black and white film wedding photo
round of shots for newlyweds 35mm
wedding photo in the toucan soho london on 35mm
wedding photo in the toucan soho london on 35mm
wedding photo in the toucan soho london on 35mm
black and white wedding photo in the toucan soho london on 35mm
black and white wedding photo on 35mm film

walk this way...




Feel free to get in touch with some info about your day, yourselves, your cats and all that jazz.

Send as much or as little as you'd like, but I really do love hearing all the details and cool touches you have planned.

Also, if you have a certain budget you would like to keep to, please do let me know.

I'm really looking forward to hearing from you :)


there’s really nothing like film wedding photos, but you have a very creative eye behind the camera that elevates them. This couple looks like a blast too!

Well, my jaw is on the floor. Give me a second to pick it back up. Just unreal story telling, style, visuals, the whole thing should be a feature in a magazine.

Wowww i love the film vibe! So many amazing Shots for this wedding!

I always know you’re going to give us darn fun photography, so they picked it all right by hiring you. So your vibe, and definitely unique!

This celebration looks like a riot. You crushed the photography and told their story so well, they lucked out with your as their photographer, thanks for sharing!

Oh my goodness, the rings on the french fries is just too good! I love the whole vibe of this wedding day so much and you really captured it perfectly!

What an incredible wedding at town hall! I love all how you perfectly captured their love and the fun they had during their day.

THis is everything! THeir outfits, her coat, the sparkles – Such a vibe and seems like a match made in heaven with your style! the rain really seems to have added to it all too. So glad they had an amazing time and love this so much!


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